A dynamic partner for tourism development

As a leader in economic development, we accord great importance to the development of tourism in the Agglomération de Longueuil.

Our goals are:

  • Ensuring the development of the tourism offer by proposing innovative ways and means;
  • Encouraging tourism-oriented companies to mobilize resources, and add value by diversifying the offer;
  • To accompany and support companies and organizations in the realization of their projects.
  • Urban development in natural surroundings

    The Agglomération de Longueuil is home to numerous attractions. Outstanding among them are two national parks, a well-established cycling network, an architectural heritage dating back to the 17th century, a diverse cultural life, numerous nautical activities and first-class establishments offering accommodation and fine cuisine.

    Although business tourism is the mainstay of the local tourist industry (60 to 70% of the clientele of the major hotels in the Agglomération are businesspeople), recreational tourism has been on the rise in recent years.