We provide support for any company wishing to set up in business or expand in the Agglomération de Longueuil.

We firstly examine the company’s business plan with the management in order to determine the needs accurately, and then work out what sort of assistance needs to be obtained. We are able to make rapid proposals to management concerning available industrial or commercial sites, or offices space most suited to its activities. We accompany them through the urban planning stage, the obtention of municipal and provincial permits needed in order to occupy the selected site.

Since every real estate project varies in its degree of development from one company to another, we guide management towards the right resources and experts (architects, engineers, etc.).

Furthermore, we also redevelop certain zones on the territory by participating in redefining their utilization in order to optimize economic returns for the Agglomération. We offer a number of services to management to promote the expansion and implantation of companies on our territory.