Concerting efforts for labour force development

Special projects to help develop labour force.

Due to our participation in our partners committees aimed to promote labour force development, we always keep up to date in regards to problems and issues related to human resources. We are therefore in a position to submit special projects to try and remedy labour force shortages.

Mentoring service for entrepreneurs

Mentoring for entrepreneurs is recognized as one of the most effective measures for ensuring coaching and follow-up for entrepreneurs in all areas of the economy. Thanks to mentoring, entrepreneurs can develop their management skills more rapidly, thus assisting with the growth of the company.

Whether it involves a start-up, new growth or a process of transfer or handing over the company, an entrepreneur who calls upon the mentoring service benefits from the accompaniment of one of the major business leaders of the region. This service allow the entrepreneur to:

  • Discuss the situation in an open manner;
  • Benefit from an outsider’s view of the company;
  • Clarify objectives;
  • Step back a little in order to take clearer decisions.

Mentoring for entrepreneurs could not be as successful as it is without the support of the key actors: the mentors themselves. They are experienced businesspeople who allow entrepreneurs to learn from their behaviour and success. The primary role of the mentor is to accompany, motivate and develop the entrepreneur’s know-how, in contrast to a consultant who is an expert who focuses on how things are done and therefore aims to find solutions and recommend actions, or even a coach who is also focused on knowing how to do things, but who assists with the development of a specific skill.

The mentoring service for entrepreneurs run by the CCIRS has existed for more than 10 years and has now reached a total of more than 250 dyads and assists some 40 entrepreneurs every year.

If you are interested in this program or would like to obtain more information, please contact Cynthia Poulin of the CCIRS.

Statistics on companies using mentoring services:

  • 75% succeeded in attaining the five-year mark (only 34% of companies in Québec succeed in doing likewise without mentoring)
  • 4 times more jobs are created
  • 47% hired at least one more employee
  • 665 saw a rise in turnover of at least 32%
  • 47% increased turnover by 50 to 200%, with 53% maintaining the increase
  • 87% report that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the chemistry with the mentor and the mentoring service in general
  • Source: CCIRS, Bilan de l’entente de la cellule de mentorat 2008-2011, March 2011