Covering a vast area on the South Shore of Montréal, the Agglomération de Longueuil possesses numerous advantages when it comes to the success of a business project. Its strategic location as well as the diversified and innovative industrial framework, in addition to the quality of life for residents, has contributed to the prosperity and growth of companies that have set up in business here.

Due to its proximity to major highways, maritime, rail and air transportation networks, the Agglomération provides companies established in the area with easy access to both North American and European markets.

  • 15 minutes from downtown Montréal
  • 30 minutes from the US border
  • 15 minutes from the Port of Montréal
  • 2 hours from Ottawa

Due to the presence of numerous research centres in the Agglomération, companies have access to highly specialized resources to help their plans advance. Further more, the Agglomération has also a number of teaching institutions on its territory, at every educational level.

And not to mention the numerous natural attractions and the multitude of activities that give our citizenry such a high quality of life.